Your customers don’t trust you anymore. They doubt whether you have their interests at heart. There is a widening ‘Trust Gap’.

This may well have always been the case; we trust those we know best, our friends and relatives. If they say ‘don’t go and see the movie”, you may well give it a miss despite the huge promotional budgets of the Hollywood studios. Word of mouth has always been the most powerful persuader, but now WOM has been plugged into a huge amplifier the noise from which would dwarf that made at a Led Zeppelin concert – and this noise can make a businesses ears bleed!

This amplification has been made possible by the breaking down of technological barriers and the growth of social media tools to spread messages amongst friends who grow into communities that then spawn powerful groups of customers – witness the Gap’s about turn on their logo change.

The way we now communicate is shifting rapidly, indeed we stand on the verge of what some are calling the death of email – nobody really knows what this time next year will feel like.

But the most crucial and consistent truth that has emerged form this rapidly changing landscape, is that those who embrace the new world, don’t worry perceived technological barriers, but most importantly are prepared to engage directly with their customers and prospects are those who will win.

For the last two years, I have witnessed this social tsunami of change from the U.S. Some businesses here buried their heads and hoped it would go away – the sad irony is that they themselves have become extinct. The winners are those who are crushing their competitors by embracing the challenges, being human and respectful towards their customers and are engaging on a very real level.

As one who has worked clientside amidst this change in the US and has demonstrably won in this new world, I now want to help you face up to the changes. To help you adopt and use the technologies to listen to just what your most important people are saying about you and to engage.

Get in touch and win!