Winning in the New World of the Social Web – Engage!

Social is something you are – not something you do.

i90 Media can help socialise your brand and your organisation.

Four steps to winning:

  1. Accept that the world around you has changed – that social is something you are – not something you do.
  2. Listen – we can determine which social media monitoring tools are the best for your business, so you can hear what’s being said, by whom and where it’s being said. Who are your key influencers on the social web? How can you reach out to them? How can you create advocates to promote and protect your brand for you?
  3. Engage – Go on! Customers want to hear from you – i90 Media can help you decide when and how to do so appropriately.
  4. Measure – if you hear that social media can’t be measured – think again. We can help you calculate real ROI from this new way of conducting business  – believe me, as a direct marketer by trade and one used to analyzing ROI, you’ll be more than delighted with the results. But know this, ROI has been reframed to mean ‘Return on Involvement’ .

We can work together however you wish.

Consultancy – I can become an extension of your in house teams – marketing, customer care, operations, NPD, etc.

Project – Before you decide to take the leap into the world of social media, let’s take time to set out your objectives. Together, we can devise strategies and tactical plans to met and exceed these objectives.

Training – Once you’re in, you’re in- in fact you’re already in when it comes to social media – people are talking about you and your brands rights now! So who’s going to manage this for you? We can discuss and decide the most effective way to socialize your business and who is going to take ultimate responsibility for this in your business. Clue: it’s not the office junior!