Strategic Planning – Working with you, we’ll pinpoint your key challenges and help to define clearly understood goals and objectives that can be communicated throughout your business. Then we’ll put in place a strategic plan to deliver on these goals and keep reporting on progress so you can see in an instant how we’re doing.

Data Management – The loving care of your database is where we start. After all it’s a living, breathing, constantly changing asset that requires the utmost care and attention. A data audit is often the best place to kick off a discussion to make sure that the materials you have

Analytics – Our analytics team combines data modeling with strategic consulting to ensure ongoing data capture and analysis to make possible the execution of all communications that impact positively on the customer experience.

Branding – We will ask you just what it is you sell. Then once we’ve been through a thorough examination of your business together, we ask the same question. The answers are rarely the same! With experience at Hotel Chocolat, OKA, Vosges, Hot Diamonds and many, many more, we know that to get your branding just right is no simple task.

Digital – For a successful digital strategy, meticulous attention to detail in the planning is fundamental. We skip on nothing. Every detail of the mix; paid search, paid media, SEO, affiliates, social, email is mapped and budgeted. We treat your budget as though it was our own.

Offline – We cut our teeth in offline marketing back in the day and so will never rule out print and other channels as a centerpiece to your communications if it’s appropriate.

Training – There’s a wealth of experience at i90 and we can work with your existing team on an advisory basis and also on coaching your teams on areas such as social media control.

Free half-day workshop

To get a flavour of the way we think and work with clients, why not take us up on the offer of a free half-day workshop? No commitment other than putting the kettle on. You’ve nothing to lose.

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