Providing faster, profitable growth for retailers – that’s it.

It’s really that simple. i90 can help your online business grow faster and more profitably.

We obsess about your customers – those you have and those you need to acquire.

Founded by Richard Kent, i90 Media works with just a few specialists to provide you with the very best solutions. We have an extraordinary depth of talent and experience across a wide variety of market sectors in different disciplines – performance marketing (paid search, paid social, affiliates and programmatic, as well as SEO and email marketing.

We obsess about your data and will produce KPIs that make sure everything remains on track.

We can work with your in house team, or become your virtual marketing department to establish objectives and provide robust strategies to exceed these goals. Of course we can also simply be there just to bounce ideas off. We don’t mind.

We strive to achieve just one thing – faster, profitable growth for online retailers.

Your marketing budget is a precious investment for recruiting and retaining customers and we won’t advise you spend a penny of your budget unless it is delivering the targets we have agreed.

We keep things really simple, focused and jargon free.