i90 Media is a collaborative consultancy idea that uses a pool of talent to bring you solutions that will work for you, tailored to you – not ‘out of the box’ template answers. We work best when we work with businesses serious about growth and profit.

Richard Kent – Managing Consultant

Richard has over 25 years experience on both agency and client side. Most notably, in 2004 and working closely with Angus Thirlwell, he helped to launch Hotel Chocolat as a multi channel business in the UK and the US overseeing rapid growth in sales and profitability.

In 2009 he moved to Chicago and worked as VP of Marketing for Vosges Haut-Chocolat a luxury chocolate retailer and grew their online business by 25%.

Returning to the UK in 2011, Richard worked as Head of Marketing of OKA Direct, a high end furniture retailer based in London but with stores throughout the UK. He oversaw the launch of their new website which grew online sales by over 20% in the 12 months following the launch.

In 2012 he launched i90 Media Consulting as a tribute to Interstate 90, the longest interstate highway in the United States which ran less than a mile from his house in Chicago and where he spent many an hour, sitting in traffic and pondering just what to do on his return to the UK! After staring out of the window in one particularly heavy jam, he decided to name his company after the road he was stuck on, but also by now, quite fond of!

Since the launch of i90 Media, Richard has worked with a team of talented professionals with experience in a wide range of disciplines including digital marketing for customer acquisition to branding projects through to data driven customer recruitment and retention programmes. This flexible arrangement keeps i90 light on its feet and able to react quickly and effectively to a new brief.

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