Twitter feeds on Linkedin status updates. Is it just me?

Here’s a group discussion I started on Linkedin last week. It’s been really interesting to see how such a modest litle gripe of mine stirs such debate.

Something that has been getting a little irritating recently has been having to scroll through peoples personal activity and thoughts as they’ve linked their Twitter feed to their Linkedin status updates.

I’m delighted for you that you managed to cycle up a hill and I’m very happy that you’re becoming a father soon, or very sad that a family member is ill, but please! Even worse – family pictures are attached AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Where’s your dignity?

If you’re going to link the two, surely your business Twitter account is more appropriate? I see this sometimes and it’s fine, albeit a little self indulgent sometimes. If you haven’t got one, get one.

Surely Linkedin is for business updates to like minded contacts?

Am I alone in thinking this, or do others really want to know the details of our personal lives, or views on the whether Lebron is coming to the Bulls – Hope he does 😉