Seconds Out!

I am having a row with someone on a Linkedin group discussion.

It’s brilliant therapy! They are moaning about the fact that new Twitter will remove a brands wallpaper and replace it with video, imagery and threads of a conversation that you can only currently see by leaving the main Twitter page.

One quote from my opponent is this:

“How would you feel if you are making a living making custom Twitter backgrounds and you just found out that your profession was made obsolete overnight?

Angry? Hell yes!”

There are people out there who make a living doing nothing but this? Holy moley!

Here’s another:

“What if you have been building brand recognition for a client with their custom Twitter background being central to their brand strategy? How do you now tell your client that you have to rethink their entire brand strategy?

Angry? HELL YES!”

So, some poor business has been told that their Twitter wallpaper is central to their brand strategy, that now needs entirely rethinking?


I’d love an introduction….

Perhaps my adversary is realising that they might actually have to write something interesting for their client now and is coming over all peculiar? After all 140 characters is lot these days isn’t it?

Or am I being facetious?

One thought on “Seconds Out!

  1. Sounds like somebody who thought they had a niche and didn’t make as much out of it as they thought. Dinosaur.
    “Imagine you were postman, and somebody changed mail so you wouldn’t have to elave your house and post a letter to get a message to the other side of the world, you could send an ‘electronic mail’ to put you out of a job. Angry, Hell yes. “.
    “Imagine you wre a dinosaur and some meteor fell from the sky, and wiped out all your food, and covered the earth in dust. Angry, Hell….”. Well no actually, extinct.

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