Alchemy from Alterian

I watched a presentation by Mike Talbot, Alterian’s CTO on Thursday, of his new baby – Alchemy.

I have to say I was blown away.

I often talk here about tools just being tools. What’s important is how these tools are used and in my mind they are far more effective when they are simple to use.

Alchemy seems to offer marketers a super simple way of managing everything. It provides the means of making the new marketing work.

Having talked recently about marketing being broken, with the customer now truly in control, Alchemy draws together all of the disparate threads of a consumers behaviour to create a real time, individually crafted strategy for each individual based on trigger points.

For example and at a very simple level, by promoting the tweet of a hashtag by customers, Alchemy can automatically reply to that customer with a unique url, which takes the customer to a personalised website experience based on all the data held about that customer.

Along with Right Now’s CX product, the tools are now available for marketers to respond dynamically to customer behaviour and support a customer engagement plan.

A more detailed review of Alchemy will follow.

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