Reports of the Death of TV are Greatly Exaggerated

Despite the seemingly inexorable rise of online as means for brands to reach out to and engage directly with customers, a report from Advertising Age shows that whilst this is true for western countries, traditional print and broadcast media are growing fast in the world’s emerging economies.

Here’s a quick take of some of the findings:

1. TV is still a necessity – more so than ever in poorer countries.

2. We are watching more TV, not less despite the growth of internet access.

3. But what we watch is changing – more soccer and American Idol type shows – more than a third of the population of Afghanistan tune in regularly to ‘Afghan Star’!

4. Facebook continues to crush its online competitors.

5. ‘Cofficing’ – operating in cyber cafes, is the way people in developing countries are accessing the web.

6. Brazil, Russia, China, India and Indonesia are the most avid viewers of online video.

7. And these same people are accessing online content through mobile devices.

8. The spread of iPads and other tablets will continue to dominate.

9. Despite circulations declining for printed media in the west, they are growing in the developing world.

Whilst this blog is concerned primarily with social media and how business can win on the social web, I’m particularly delighted that TV isn’t dying. In fact having lived in the US for the last two years I can say that the quality of programming is higher than I ever thought or expected. American TV was a standing joke in the UK – “57 channels and nothing on” sang Bruce in 1992, but the quality of HBO’s output such as Boardwalk Empire and others like House and best of all, MadMen mean the bar is being raised in terms of quality.

However, advertisers need to continue to recognise that these audiences also want to engage with brands on their own turf – and that is to be found online.

2 thoughts on “Reports of the Death of TV are Greatly Exaggerated

  1. I saw research this week which says TV is growing BECAUSE of social media, not in spite of it. We now stay at home wit TV in the background whilst we use a PC or mobile device to connect with our friends. Which could explain why reality shows are so popular, because you don’t have to concentrate, and they’re a talking point. You have to pay attention to drama and documentary.

  2. Nice post! I don’t think TV is dead either. At least not for the TV programs. My friend has been trying to get her own TV show/program about wok cooking. Her husband told her that “on one” is watching TV these days especially kids and teenagers. However, I think they do and even if they’re not watching the programs on TV, they still watch the same programs online.

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