Sold Out – Iggy Pop’s Wish is Granted. He is a Poodle.

Not been blogging for a few weeks due to being incredibly busy. Bad I know, but when you fall off a horse, you should just get straight back on again. So, with a revitalised blogging mojo, I wanted to vent some anger about those who shoud be heroes but are now ruining their reputation in my eyes.

Yes, I’m talking about Iggy Pop and John Lydon.

My current journey into London takes me past an advertising hoarding with images of the baddest boy in rock, sitting in a silly purple car, smiling stupidly back at me encouraging me to buy Swift Insurance. So the man, the icon who sang “I wanna be your dog” is now the an insurance company’s poodle (I’ll avoid the obvious canine reference, butcha know what I mean right?)

And then there was John Lydon Rotten himself who spent much of last year on TV telling people to buy Country Life butter. God save us!

If Alice Cooper in bed with Ronnie Corbett and Ozzy selling computer games wasn’t bad enough.

Sorry for the rant on my return. But perlease! I want my rock stars to be monsters!


One thought on “Sold Out – Iggy Pop’s Wish is Granted. He is a Poodle.

  1. Well said my man there is one point I have to make the Sex Pistols openly admitted they were in it for the money “cash from chaos” was their tag line I believe. Iggy on the other hand……… It’s like your parents say I’m not angry at you Iggy. Just very disappointed. I wonder what it feels like to come full circle and become what you despise?

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