Alterian release SM2 5.0

Today marked the release of SM2 5.0 by Alterian. Ever the pioneers in social media listening technology, 5.0 takes SM2 to a new level.

My early impressions are that Alterian have sought to introduce a greater focus on the practical side of managing the listening function within your business. By focusing on assignment, prioritisation and response, brands now have little excuse to begin the engagement process. I think 5.0 is a major step towards the normalisation of this functionality within businesses today.

Of course the danger here is that the process becomes SO normal, that some try to automate the whole thing. I heard on a radio show the other day that Kodak have a Chief Listening Officer. This is all good, but again it has to be stressed that the lesson in all of this is that customers are now demanding a response from businesses on a human level. A very real and genuine response to their comments, complaints or compliments.

5.0 certainly appears to be a step towards the day when technology gets out of the way and information is served to those who carry the responsibility to make sure their brands are truly customer centric.

Are you ready to start listening and engaging right now?

2 thoughts on “Alterian release SM2 5.0

  1. Thank you ever so much for the write-up on our latest version of Alterian SM2 v5.0.

    I think you are spot on with the assertion that brands still need to deliver that human element of communication and that is why the new workflow and assign functionality will help to direct the duty of response to the right person. This enables the appropriate and knowledgeable individual to execute a response that is sympathetic to the needs of the those within the communication exchange and above all, relevant. Technology is the enabler.

    James Ainsworth
    Community Manager – Alterian

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