B2B – Six tips on how to crush social media.

Of course the usual tools we think when discussing social media revolve around the business to consumer environment.

But here’s the thing. If you’re a B2B company, there plenty of opportunities to promote yourself and your products or services via social media. The fundamentals are still the same. Here some thoughts on how best to promote your B2B company using social tools:

1. Listen. This is the case for everyone and I state it here, because it needs emphasizing at every turn. Listening tools range from SAS Social Media Analytics at great expense to Hootsuite absolutely free. Hear what’s being said about you and your industry.

2. Blog – Not just about yoursleves, but of the industry in general. Stretch yourselves into other areas that could ignite debate and engagement.

3. Selling at every turn may not be appropriate. In fact it definitely isn’t. So see point 1 again and just engage. Build relationships and friends.

4. Encourage others in your organisation to blog too. Share opinions. If you don’t trust people to do that, why are they working for you?

5. Hang out in cool places where the cool people are. What I mean by this is be present where the influencers in your industry are. Most likely this will include Linkedin. So join groups, start discussions and link in with as many as possible – (I stray from the Linkedin line to only connect with those you know – phooey!)

6. Use these tools for customer service. It’s about resource, but you’ll have to work towards this. You WILL be answering customer service questions on Twitter and Facebook soon. Get ready.