The Future is Here!

Check out this video from Accenture. It shows thoughts of experts in field of cloud computing – their explanation of just how this new concept works is highly eloquent and cuts through much of the clutter around this subject you may have read about.

Oh, one thing. These experts are ten years old. They know nothing else. They can’t remember a time before the internet. They are your key influencers of the very near future.

Seeing the World Differently

I was sent this amazing video of a speech given by Sir Ken Robinson just last week. Sir Ken is (as his Wikipedia entry says) ‘an author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies.’

I confess I’ve not heard him speak before, although since researching him know that he has spoken at TED events previously.

This is a remarkable speech in terms of clearly laying out the historical context of how accepted practices of educating children in the west have developed, but also just how dangerous these same conventions, such as ‘batching children based on their date of manufacture’, are. In fact, they could be dangerous and succeed in essentially educating all creativity out of children.

It’s a great example of seeing the world differently. just because a convention is so entrenched doesn’t make it right or immune from challenge.

If you are a parent, you really must see this.

You may find yourself hungry to change the status quo immediately to protect your own offspring from well meaning, but ultimately, outdated practices that anaesthetise childrens minds to drive out all of the ‘genius’ level creativity that we are all born with.

I would love to know your thoughts.