You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties.

You know how it is when you’ve meticulously planned a house party? Chairs have been carefully arranged, playlist set and ready to go, lights dimmed to suitable level etc. etc.

And then the guests arrive.

They say their “hellos” and start the smalltalk. Politely accept a canapé and take their first drink. More and more arrive.

And then the early guests disappear. Gradually more and more people are congregating in the kitchen. People have loosened up a bit. Gossip begins to flow. Secrest are shared with strangers. THIS is where the real party is!

You can’t go in there and corral everyone back in. They’re likely to just make their excuses and leave early.

And so it seems it is with businesses and social media.

People are realizing that the really cool people, are hanging out in the kitchen – on Facebook, Twitter or on Blogs. Company websites – the host’s living room for the sake of this analogy – is where the party line (sorry!) is being followed. There’s nothing wrong with the living room of course. It’s beautifully designed, comfortable and feels just right. But more and more, people want the inside track – secret offers, direct dialogue, a proper and human reaction to a complaint or question.

The kitchen is now where the real party is happening.

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