Developing Your Style

Had a lovely compliment paid to me this morning about my writing style. I didn’t know I had one. But apparently years of listening to Test Match Special and to Blowers, CMJ,  Aggers and Johnners back in the day have rubbed off!

“That’s quite extraordinary” was a phrase I’d used in relation to those social media naysayers and yet, thinking more about it, I can now imagine it being used in relation to the perfect Gower cover drive, a wonderful catch at the wicket or the unbelievable run out of Ricky Ponting at The Oval by Freddie Flintoff!

So, the voices we hear in our heads when we start to type come from the combination of all our influences. They make us unique and it’s fantastic.

Growing up in Sussex, attending university in the Midlands, living in East Anglia and latterly Chicago sure do make for an individual style I suppose. So I feel as comfortable using quaint English phrases to ticket collectors on the Chicago Metra system as I do hanging with my bloods at Lords!

Brands have a unique style too. The cutesy language used by some may be copied by others, but if it’s not true, people will see through it – I love this for example.

You can take the boy out of England….!!!

One thought on “Developing Your Style

  1. I really think this is a great example of social media reflecting society as Richard says, and it is not just brands (and people) who attempt to copy others that are revealed as charlatons, those who become too self-conscious and contrived also tend to lose their way. So keep it relaxed, natural and above all social!

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