Is the Recession Over?

I hate rhetorical questions, and of course this is one.  So apologies, but I’m just checking that we understand that we are all a long way from being out of the woods.

That being so, I’m thinking it strange that businesses feel now would be a good time to continue to offer poor customer service, not over compensate or over deliver to their customers, not to go out of their way to be best in class, not to look to achieve peak performance, but to continue to be shabby, mean spirited, inward looking, poorly focused or even go on strike!

Over the last few months I’ve experienced some wonderful examples of ‘over compensation’, take a bow H&R Block (although you dropped the ball from a very big height at the beginning), I’ve experienced and read about dreadful levels of service.

Iain Dale’s PC World experience resonated with me I’m sad to say.

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