iPads in Wal-Mart

This isn’t a comment about the fact that people will apparently soon be able to pick up an iPad at their local Wal-Mart, it’s more to do with how this makes you feel.

How would you feel buying an iPad from the Apple store (on or offline) as opposed to Wal-Mart? In the same way, how do you feel about buying potatoes from a Jewel Osco, or a Co-Op, as opposed to a farmers market or Waitrose.

How important is price for you? How important is service? What about the warm feeling you get from some stores that you don’t from others?

I’m intrigued.

I think Wal-Mart are making big strides in changing their image. Their green scorecard isn’t just lip service, it matters now.

Of course, Apple must be desperate to secure greater saturation before the Playbook and Android tablets start making headway, but by allowing distribution through Wal-Mart and Target, they are surely taking a risk with the Apple reputation?

What products will Wal-Mart merchanidse alongside the iPad? Will Apple have the same sanctuary they enjoy in Best Buy?

I’ve just noticed this post is full of questions!

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “iPads in Wal-Mart

  1. I think it’s an obvious step. Apple may lose some of it’s cachet, but since it started down the route of producing goods for everyone it was inevitable. You can’t be exclusive if you want everyone to have one of your products. They are going the same route as the oft mocked Microsoft (especially by Apple users – oh, the irony). Especially when it comes to listening to their customers. Apple computers had their niche and were very good at what they did. The IBM PC was much more flexible, and a jack of all trades, but never quite a master of one. With Apple now appealing to the mass market, they are going to have to target (forgive the pun) them.
    I think the iPad or a pwoerful more pocket sized wi-fi connection is the way things will go, so good on Apple on getting there first – do people really want to spend their leisure time sitting at a desk with a computer? Some will, but most won’t. On the move, always connected via a wireless connection. Other social problems will arise from this, but it’s an evolutionary thing.

  2. Even though Wal-mart carries a “lower class” reputation, but I know a lot of people (rich or poor) shop there including myself, especially in this kind of economy. The same products actually cost less there so why not?

    As for Apple, it makes sense to broaden their market, but they need to make sure they have at least 1 or 2 Apple staff there to support the service. I assume they’ll have their own section just like what they do at Best Buy. Otherwise, Apple will really ruin their reputation.

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